Aircraft interior Heater AH42 42kW



  • Simple to operate for one person
  • Changes in outside air temperature automatically compensated
  • Three operating modes: heating, warmkeeping and ventilation
  • Pressure in air supply hose is released when connecting or disconnecting to aircraft inlet
  • The heater is pure electric, which gives environmental advantages like no noise, no exhaust or no hazard from open air
  • An electric units has low investment and running costs
  • More than 300 units in daily operation


  • Mains AC voltage 3 phases 360-400V 63 A CEE connection 5 leads
  • Heating capacity 42kW
  • Airflow capacity 2700 m3/h at 1.2-3.5 kPa
  • Sufficient for Scandinavian climate: Aircraft size < 150 seats and in Central Europe climate: < 250 seats


  • Width: 990mm
  • Height: 1185mm
  • Length: 1900mm
  • Weight: 175kg.