The Company is a regular member of ASA (Aviation Suppliers Association).

Aviakom is certified by “Aviator” Civil Aviation Certification Authority as aviation technical equipment supplier.

The Company is certified for compliance of ISO 9001:2001 (9001:2000) quality standard on providing services of aviation and technical supplies, component and spare parts for civil aircrafts and helicopters.

Service activities are provided in compliance with Russian Federation legislation and in accordance with the regulations and standards accepted in civil aviation.

Certificate of Membership of ASA


Overhaul and repair station certificate

Overhaul and repair station certificate

Aviator Certificate


ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

ISO 9001:2000

MMZ Rassvet Agreement


Certificate NIST USA

Сертификат Snap-on NIST США

ENERPAC B.V. Certificate


Snap-on Confirmation

Сертификат Snap-on на ремонт

Nordisk Certificate

Сертификат Nordisk

Registration Certificates

Registration certificate №214-21-2008, Rigmaster TR60, TR31


Registration certificate №217-11-2008, Snap-on TBT 600A

Регистрационное удостоверение №217-11-2008

Registration certificate №194-05-2007, Snap-on

Регистрационное удостоверение №194-05-2007