Ground Equipment

Langa Industrial, during the last four decades has been specialized on design and manufacture of ground support equipment for the aerospace industry and hydraulic systems for the civil engineering. Langa’s workshop plant layout has been thoroughly analyzed so production standards are maximized to the highest value. On the manufacturing area, each zone has been correctly identified, it includes, welding, mechanizing, painting cab, assembling line, store house, spare parts zone and test zone. Electrical and electronics facility undertakes the manufacturing of a wide variety of control systems such as computer based integrated systems.

Langa Industrial has a high qualified design team which is specialized in all aspects of design and engineering. Langa Industrial is committed to design and manufacture with the maximum availability and low cost-effective solutions whilst minimizing overall life cycle cost, including integrated logistic support. Langa Industrial is certified to UNE-EN-ISO 9100, ISO UNE-EN-ISO9001 and PECAL-AQAP 2110. Companies such as Iberia, AIRBUS and EADS-CASA have certified Langa Industrial as preferred supplier.

The quality Priority is to look for the continuous improvement in all the aspects of the company as a way to achieve a total quality assurance. In order to do so, the product has to be verified and tested not only when it is finished but during all the stages of its design and development. Langa Industrial has been specialized in designing and manufacturing of Aerospace Ground Support Equipment and Civil Engineering Hydraulic Equipment for over the past four decades. All Langa products and services are backed up by a comprehensive package which in turn, is structured and controlled by the Quality Assurance Department to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and minimum equipment downtime.



Manufactured components used in the Flightmaster dispensers originate from and are produced in the United States of America. Some of the over-the-counter fittings provided by US based suppliers may have originated from overseas suppliers. FluidTran certifies that the products described herein have been manufactured, inspected, calibrated and/or tested in accordance with relevant inspection and test procedures meeting the quality standards established by the respective manufacturer and FluidTran, Inc. and unless otherwise stated, conform to the requirements of applicable specifications.

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