Check and calibrating

In order to comply with the accepted accuracy standards special equipment types should be checked and calibrated on regular bases. Aviakom authorized service center provides such services for the following equipment:

  • Torque wrenches;
  • Torque drivers;
  • Tanzometrs;
  • Snap-on testers for torque wrenches checking;
  • Rigamster protractor systems.

Equipment specified is widely used – from aviation to railroad transport. In case you use such equipment our center can offer you services of its checking and calibrating. Certificate provided ensures the instrument checked complies the specification of its technical passport.

All the equipment specified is registered in the special measurement tools list applied to civil aviation of Russian Federation. Calibrating is performed on the Horizontal Master Torque Tester TBT 600A Snap-on test stand.

The equipment has Air Transport Federal Agency registration certificate of compliance to regulation and requirements of uniformity of measurements applied to civil aviation.

Here you can find the certificate.

Each calibrating procedure is attended by a certificate on the accuracy provided by the test stand.

Here you can find a certificate example.

Cost of services is defined individually.

Here is an approximate price list:

  • Torque wrenches – 500- 2000 RUR;
  • Torque drivers – 1000-3000 RUR;
  • Tanzometrs  – 1000-4000 RUR;
  • Wrench testers – 2000-10000 RUR.