Founded in 1997 purposing to provide prompt supplies of spare parts to air companies and repair organizations, today Aviakom is fast growing organism providing full range of services on the aviation equipment supplying and maintenance.


  • CJSC Aviation Supplies and Service is a supplier of aviation equipment of the leading aviation manufacturing concerns at the Russia and CIS markets.
  • CJSC APS-Technik is aviation services provider. The Company performs aviation equipment and spares calibration, maintenance and repair. An authorized service center is created in Moscow region and fit with the entire necessary outfit.
  • CJSC HM Group is slider bearings supplier. Company represents Technymon AC bearings in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe markets. HM Group delivers innovative materials and also consulting services on industries improvement via using the materials for manufacturing and operation purposes.
  • CJSC AviaNiania is official distributor of HKS AVIATION, Jabiru four-cycle engines and equipment for light and super light aviation, Vertical Aviation Technologies Inc. (manufacturer of four-sitter helicopters) in Russia and CIS.


The Company is a regular member of ASA (Aviation Suppliers Association).

Aviakom is certified by “Aviator” Civil Aviation Certification Authority as aviation technical equipment supplier.

The Company is certified for compliance of ISO 9001:2001 (9001:2000) quality standard on providing services of aviation and technical supplies, component and spare parts for civil aircrafts and helicopters.

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Aviation equipment

Aviakom provides aviation equipment of the world leading manufacturers at Russia and CIS market.

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Equipment testing, current repair and overhaul are carried out authorized service center.

In order to provide prompt and timely supplies a remaining stock of certain equipment nomenclatures, fitting sets and electrical equipment parts is maintained for aviation mechanisms refilled according to evaluation of aviation enterprises' changing demands at its disposal.

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Our clients

Our customers are leading Russia and CIS aviation companies.

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