We permanently aim to enlarge wide of products we offer and improve quality of services we provide to our Clients.

In order to provide prompt aviation equipment maintenance services to our Clients and also to shorten repair activities dates we created authorized service center.

  • Center specialists have completed training courses at manufacturers’ bases and were certified to provide maintenance and repair services for the equipment we offer to our clients.

    Certificate NIST USA

    Сертификат Snap-on NIST США

    Aviator Certificate


    Overhaul and repair station certificate

    Overhaul and repair station certificate

    Erri AB Certificate


  • The center is inspected by leading equipment manufacturers and certified by them as authorized provider of aviation equipment assembling, maintenance, and repair services.

    Snap-on Confirmation

    Сертификат Snap-on на ремонт

    Nordisk Certificate

    Сертификат Nordisk

  • The center is equipped with all the necessary facilities and instrument for checking, repair and maintenance purposes. Center equipment has Air Transport Federal Agency registration certificates of compliance to regularity and requirements on uniformity of measurements applied in civil aviation.
  • The following services are available at our service center:
    • Assembling and repair of Nordisk aviation containers and pallets;
    • Maintenance, calibration and repair of Snap-on aviation instrument;
    • Maintenance and repair of Honeywell International Inc equipment.

Aviakom service center provides the following services on checking, current and through repairs, maintenance of aviation equipment: